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Processing Technology

As technology improves, so does the industry. With the latest devices, taking Credit and Debit card payments can be done almost anywhere with ease. Our company can provide the most up to date equipment tailored to fit your specific industry. From restaurant POS systems, mobile devices and standard card swipe machines, we have solutions that fit your specific needs.

Rock Bottom Rates

Our company has teamed up with a huge network of banks and private firms all around the country that are competing for your business. This allows us to get you the absolute best rates around. Business Referral Site has one main goal, to save businesses money on their debit and credit card processing.

Top Notch Customer Support

Business Referral Site has a highly trained and professional staff waiting to help you with anything. Our team members are highly qualified, and have many years experience in the merchant services industry. Contact our support department any time and we would be glad to assist you with your merchant services needs.

Business Referral Site

The merchant services industry is not tailored to small to medium sized businesses. Large banks and firms take a healthy portion of the companies profit in merchant fees. Our goal is to put money back into the hands of the small and medium sized companies, because that's what truly makes a difference in our economy.